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Keep the Power on with Excellent Home Rewiring in FL, NC and TX

Excellent household wiring is critical for every house. It provides you with all the amenities of modern life and above all, safeguards you against electrocution or electrical fire. Wiring that was installed wrong or is old can put your home at risk. You deserve an electrician in FL, NC and TX who places your safety and happiness as the highest priorities.

Our Southern HVAC electricians have the experience to safely repair wiring or fully rewire your entire house. Once we’re done, you’ll get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.* If there’s something about our labor that you’re not pleased with, Southern HVAC will keep at it until it’s resolved.

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When Should You Replace Electrical Wiring in a Residence?

A whole-home rewiring could feel like a large project to take on. You want to be sure that it’s something your residence will benefit from. Thankfully there are a lot of reasons to hire a quality electrician like one from Southern HVAC.

We advise replacing wiring in houses that are past 30 years old, particularly if you’re regularly overloading breakers or are noticing stains on electrical outlets.

5 Advantages of Getting New Wiring for Your Home

Here are a couple other pluses of electrical rewiring for your house:

  • Additional outlets. Old houses don’t have a lot of outlets, which means you might be needing too many extension cords. When used wrong, these cords may pose a fire danger. Rewiring your house gives you a chance to add much-needed outlets.
  • Better capacity. Old residences frequently have a reduced electrical capacity, which decreases how many devices you can use.
  • Protects your house. Old wiring could be hazardous as it could start a fire. A knowledgeable electrician like one at Southern HVAC will follow in-depth precautions to confirm a rewiring project is completed safely.
  • Increases the value of your home. If your residence needs updated wiring, it may be hard to find a buyer. A rewiring project could be what gives you that edge to successfully sell it.
  • Connects new additions or renovations. If you’re doing major construction on your home, the differentiation in wiring between old and new sections could cause trouble. Adding a new area is a good time to rewire your complete home to make your electrical system the same throughout.

A whole-home rewiring project is a fantastic idea if your house is more than 30 years old, you’re thinking about selling it or are undergoing major renovations. It also adds a priceless layer of security. If you’re ready to get started with your project, give Southern HVAC a call at (407) 917-1800 to request a free estimate today!