Smart Home FAQs

Smart homes are houses that are made with technology that can be controlled over the home’s internet connection. In a smart home, your regular appliances can be controlled using a smart phone, tablet, or a desktop.

With a smart home, you would have more control over the fundamental energy users in your home. For example, with most smart homes, you have features that give you the ability to see the energy consumption in the day, week, or month. As a result, you could potentially change the way you spend money on energy in your home.

The ideal time to install home automation is when building new or renovating an existing home. If you are considering an extensive technological renovation of your home, it would be better to get it done when the house is being developed because there will be heavy wiring work.

With entry-level home automation solutions, rewiring wouldn’t be required. In these cases, you can buy devices that would be compatible with the existing setup. With this choice , you can always add on in the future if you desire more for your home automation.

The top 5 benefits of home automation.

1. Control – Having control of your home’s settings, even when you are not home, is empowering and helps give you piece of mind.

2. Safety – There are many home automation devices that work in parallel with home security devices. Some devices have cameras and/or audio recording capabilities that can send you notifications remotely from the smart device.

3. Convenience – The primary reason for home automation is to create convenience for the user. There are many ways that these devices can do just that. For example, if you ever forget to turn the A/C down a few degrees while out of the house. That can be done while you’re away, instead of just thinking about it.

4. Comfort – Some people love having home automation for no other reason than they can adjust settings in the comfort of their home. Want to adjust
the your home’s lighting? You can do just that without getting up from your couch by diming the lights on your phone. That is one feature that can help.

5. Peace of mind – Peace of mind is important, and that’s a primary benefit of having a smart home. Parents can feel secure when their children are playing in another room thanks to the cameras and other technologies that come standard with most home automation systems.

No, it’s not necessary to make your whole home a smart home. Some people would rather only a few items in their home, and others may want to install everything they find! It really depends on what you want.

Absolutely it’s still possible for you to obtain the devices to have a smart home. Most of the devices only require a wi-fi connection. If you have that, then you should be fine!