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New Furnace Installation in

Even with consistent furnace upkeep and repair, the time will inevitably come when a new furnace is required. Southern HVAC has multiple furnace and heating options for your home. We have just the right furnace for your budget.

Once you have picked out your furnace and decided its location, our team will determine where your duct should run on your unit and attach it to your ducting system. Afterwards, we will connect your furnace’s intake and exhaust pipes, link to the gas (once it is off and ventilation is ensured) and electrical supply. Then we will connect the condensation drain to the basement floor and check your unit by putting it through a heating cycle.

Give us a call today for a free consultation and furnace upgrade estimate at (407) 917-1800. Do you need affordable financing? Get more information about our easy and convenient furnace and heating financing options.